MGO Media is here to serve your organization, parish, church, or university. The life-changing, culture-impacting theme of truth, freedom, redemption via the Gospel and the power of the risen Christ is our message. Lives, parishes, and communities have been transformed, healed, and inspired to walk closer with Christ in the Bible's and Church's truth by our talks, seminars, and music events.

Daniel "Rodan" Weikert is a convert, speaker, musician, writer and lay minister. He's worked with 3 Grammy winners, overseen RCIA, young adult and youth programs for parishes and is the Director of MGO media, a gospel outreach ministry focusing on helping others to convert to Christ, being disciples and domestic missions. He currently does concerts and speaking engagements nationally and works with parishes in the Pittsburgh area.

Rodan is a country-blues, ragtime, spiritual music, and jazz Americana troubadour. He's a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer, specializes in vocals and guitar, and plays about 6 or 7 other instruments. He has worked with three Grammy Award winners and has done studio work all over the nation (including work with Dave Hanner, Peter Beckerman, George Heid, Dino Stefano, Buzzy Beck, and many others.)

Rodan Weikert's music has been heard nationally on dozens of commercial, public, and college radio stations. He has consistently played to packed shows in Pennsylvania and all over the Eastern Seaboard, including festivals, clubs, art centers and churches.

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(photo: k.flanagan)

"Powerful vocals, original and masterful guitar, drenched in Southern soulful longing." - CityPaper

"Fantastic!" - Mike R. from KDKA Radio

"What a great singer - authentic." - Dave Hanner (Mercury Records)

"Regional underground heavy legend." - Pittsburgh Pulp Magazine

"The Church's cache of truth and love are not just an ideology, methodology or learning experience. The Catholic supernatural reality, when applied, is a literal and primary path to transformation, redemption, salvation and sanctification! A heart, mind, body and soul that breathes and lives for Jesus, not just from afar, but IN Him and He in us!"

"I've got a Ph.D in sin ... all of us do, really. Much of the music that I work with, the message, the writing and the speaking engagements, reflect everyone's search - regardless of age, gender or social status - for coming to terms with life's sorrows, and finding the great hope." - Rodan Weikert

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